What is Metaverse

What was once considered sci-fi and far from reality and ‘only a blockbuster’ is fast becoming a reality in our lives. It is a well-known fact now that that science fiction stimulates and drives the imagination about extraordinary views of the future, design fiction explores the futures that ordinary people would prefer. Design fictions (such as sci-fi films and online games) are provocative and engage people, encouraging them to envision, explain and raise questions about direction of future technology and society.

The Metaverse in fact is the merging of science fiction, tech, and games. In Metaverse the world is at your finger-tips. You can hug a loved one living in another country without getting on a plane and visiting them in person, you can catch a world-class theatre performance or an intimate gig with your favourite artist sitting in your own living room, visit any world historic building, museums or even dive into the bottom of the Ocean and discover the world under and swim with whole range of fish you can find in the Ocean.

In Metaverse you can set up any business venture (education centre, medical clinic, retail shop and much more) virtual shop where people can walk as they would in any given high street shop or shopping mall. All these and more are now possible in the Metaverse.

Our Metaverse Services

  • Metaverse Real Estate Consulting
  • Metaverse Digital Marketing
  • Metaverse Architecture Design
  • Metaverse Decentraland Land Trading

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